Our Mission

To provide the best service possible while resolving your tax issues. There are no easy answers and sometimes tough decisions have to be made. But if you are looking for an honest approach that has the best interest of you and your business then give us a call.The IRS will try and intimidate you, try and make you agree to things you know you cannot do. We are looking for permanent long term solutions, not just a quick fix to make the problem go away for a little while. You have nothing to lose by talking to us.

Our Business

Member of National Association of Enrolled Agents
Member of Virginia Association of Enrolled Agents
Graduate of Old Dominion University

Who We Are

Keith Craig is an Enrolled Agent with over 23 years of experience of dealing with tax issues. He worked for the Internal Revenue Service for 14 years. He has experience as a Revenue Officer and as a Group Manager of a Field Assistance Walk in Office. We represent both businesses and individuals all of which have varying degrees of issues. Collections issues are our specialty and that is all we do.