How Do I Choose a Reputable Company?

Choosing a tax professional is a very hard decision.  You will be bombarded with offers from companies from across the country  telling you how much they can save you. So how do you know who to trust?

  • Research the internet – look for complaints, lawsuits, reviews
  • Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau?
  • What other professional groups are they affiliated with?
  • Are they promising you results – before they talk to you and know what your situation is.
  • Many of the national companies want to just string you along, once your payments run out, they can no longer help you.
  • Ask for a plan that not only resolves the situation you are in, but shows you a way to avoid these issues in the future.
  • No one can promise they can get your offer in compromise accepted or promise the abatement of penalties and interest – there are specific guidelines that must be met in order for this to happen.
  • There are many professional companies that will work hard to help you resolve your problems. There are just as many that will take your money and leave you in worse shape than you when you started.